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Spray Sold To Obscure Photo Radar Tickets

It's the latest tool to help drivers break the law and get away with it and police are not amused.

The product is called "photo blocker." When the clear spray is applied to license plates, it creates a glossy finish and reflects a photo radar flash so the numbers become fuzzy or washed out to red light and photo radar cameras, the manufacturer says.

The effect is similar to taking a flash photograph of yourself in front of a mirror. The product's slogan is "Don't let them take your cash in a flash."

"It's marketed in a way to defeat the tools that we put in place for traffic safety, and in that case, I say it shouldn't be on the market at all," said Illinois State Patrol's Norman Martin.

The entrepreneurs at Phantom Plate said that they're not encouraging motorists to break the law, they want to thwart Big Brother.

Right now, "photo blocker" is perfectly legal but some states are working to change that. The company also sells a plastic plate cover that makes also reading the plate difficult.

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